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      Unani System of Medicine is holistic in nature and takes into account the whole personality rather than   taking a reductionistic approach towards disease. It has been realized today that this alternate and safe   healing  system could provide answers to all the questions being faced by the human health in this progressing   modern world. 

 It is a great healing art as well as a science whose theories, philosophies of nature (Tabi’at) and temperament   (Mizaj) and practices of medicine are most appropriate for the human biological system. 

It has been often seen that people with weak immune system sharing the same living habits in an area are more susceptible to diseases as compared to the people with strong immune system. In this system more emphasis is given to strengthen the immunity status of the patient in order to make body’s resistance more strong. The Unani system of medicine diagnoses and treats the patients as a whole looking into their overall physical, mental and spiritual aspects. 

Unani medicine therapy attempts to use simple and natural means to cure diseases.

The four key methods of treatments include

  • Ilai-Bil_Tadbeer (Regimental Therapy)

  • Ilai-Bil-Ghiza (Dieto therapy);

  • Ilai-Bil-Dawa (Pharmaco Therapy);

  • Ilai-Bil-Yad (Surgery).

The form of medicine is based on the belief that the human boady contains four humors and that imbalance of these four humors is the cause of any disease. To determine the humoral imbalance of the body the most distinctive method of diagnosing is Nabz(Pulse) Other methods of diagnosis include examination of Balu(urine) and Baraz(Stool).

We specialize in management of joint disorders and pain associated with these disorders. Our centre will also manage problems related with muscles and nerves. Special techniques are applied for the following disorders, to get the miraculous and effective cure. Some of the services provided by the Clinic are: Immunity Therapy, Memory Improvement, Weight Loss Diet Counseling, Fever and Skin Tag Treatment etc.

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