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          We offer a dynamic and effective approach to healthcare by fusing the ancient wisdom of eastern Greeko - Arabic medicine with the cutting edge medical advances of western medicine. Our medical centre provides you with a complete integration of the best treatment approaches in conventional medicine and complementary medicine. 

           At the medical center, we partner with you to: Create a healthcare program principled in science and tradition where you will be treated as a whole person and respected as an individual. 

Encourage personal empowerment and responsibility in order to attain optimal health. Individualize a wellness plan tailored to fit your needs and to honor your personal healing process. 


At the medical center, we treat the following conditions and many more – all from an integrative perspective:  

  • Pain of all kinds- neuro muscular, headaches, joints, arthritis, and sports injury

  • Women’s health and gynecological issues including difficult menses, vaginal pain and infections, urinary infections.

  • PMS. menopause, and bio-identical hormone balancing.

  • Issues around sexuality and sexual problems.

  • Low energy, fatigue. and sleep problems.

  • Common chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and arthritis.

  • Mental health. Depression, stress and anxiety

  • Pediatric health issues including, nutrition, chronic infections, digestive, behavioral and developmental issues.

  • Adolescent health issues, including first time pelvic exams, STD testing, drug and alcohol counseling and testing; stress and mood issues specific to teens.

  • Men’s health issues, including prostate health, sexual issues, andropause

  • Bio-identical hormone balancing for men and women including sex hormones, adrenal and thyroid hormones

  • Digestive health issues, including heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and food allergies. 

We also offer holistic adjunctive care for those receiving conventional cancer treatments, natural cures using herbal treatments and supplements hand-selected by our integrative practitioners for their excellent quality and affordability.

                                                              INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE : A Healing Response 

  • Nourishing the whole person body, mind and spirit and stimulating the body’s natural healing response, is our mission at HAKEEM AL RAAZI MEDICAL CENTRE. We combine the best therapies from conventional medicine with our integrative medicine approach, to form a comprehensive system of biomedical care.

  • From a patient’s very first visit with us, we attempt to uncover the underlying story of the patient’s journey from wellness to disease. We listen. Based on our findings, we tailor a plan for each individual patient based on their lifestyle, their needs and their preferences. We consider the patient an integral part of the treatment team, and encourage patients to take control of their medical care.

  • Practitioners at  HAKEEM AL RAAZI MEDICAL CENTRE include Unani Medicine Practitioners registered and licensed  by DOHAD ( Departmenat of Health - ABU DHABI ) dedicated to the Health care services to mankind.

  • Hoping that you want to learn more about us, our services, and how we can help you forge a new path to healing and wellness,

      New clients are welcome to have an initial evaluation by one of our integrative medical physicians who can direct you to the holistic practitioners and modalities that would most benefit you. We welcome adults and children of all ages for treatment of a full range of health concerns and medical questions. You can call your Doctor at HELPLINE +971 56 675 2825

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